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Evian Evian Nat Spring Water 1.5 Lt (Pack Of 12)
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Evian Evian Nat Spring Water 1.5 Lt (Pack Of 12)



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Product Details:
Product Weight: 50.57 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 11 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 11 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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3Why is it so expensive?Jan 13, 2009
By D. Smith
At the current price of $42.99, this costs much more than any retail store that I've ever seen this in for about $3.58 per bottle. The highest price I've seen this bottle for is $2.99 although I'm sure it may be available for more in a marked up retail store. (From my experience though, these stores usually sell only the smaller sizes.) I regular shop for and purchase this bottle (separately and not in a case) at about $2.00 to $2.25 each on average. What gives?

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5Great water, But too expensive here!Sep 04, 2011
By Kevin J. "listener of house music"
I rated this five stars because the rating is for the product, NOT FOR THE PRICE!!! Having lived in France for a long time, I can say that you cannot go wrong drinking Evian, as well as Volvic and Perrier. But the prices here are way too expensive! You can get these same quantities, or close to them on the Aqua Maestro website. I won't post a link since most places don't want you to do that, but you know what to do. Not to say they aren't expensive too, but with membership you are looking at prices close to half of what they are charging here.

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1Much, much too expensiveJan 10, 2011
By Jonathan Brief "Jibbertuck Lovebucket"
As D. Smith says, the 1.5l bottles of Evian normally retail for about $2.20 a bottle. This box of 12 is ridiculously expensive.

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4This is the first bottled water. In 1829 the ...Mar 13, 2015
By Professor H "1amazonreviewer @ gmail . com"
This is the first bottled water.
In 1829 the first Société des Eaux Minérales (Mineral Water company) was founded. The mineral water comes from France, and the name of the spring is Cachat Source. For centuries drinkers of the natural spring water have been exhaling the benefits of the spring water claiming all sorts of health benefits. Probably versus drinking un pure water my guess. In 1908 Evian water began to be sold in glass bottles, and today post-consumer recycled PET plastic is a major part of the Evian bottling process to help conservation efforts, production and environmental.
The water is just as pure as the day it began to be bottled. Still bottled at the source.

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1Terrible packagingJun 05, 2013
By Tarek
Packaging was an afterthought. The boxes all collapsed when we tried to disassemble the package and a couple of them were ruined. I don't recommend this particular product.

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